Sofia Set :D

I am so happy with this dress! Well there’s some parts I hate but whatever xD I’m pretty proud for being a less than a week project.

It’s not completely done. I need the bodice pearls (threw some on for now but they’ve almost all have popped off lol) and to sew the peplum to the bodice. I just zigzagged it in a piece on ribbon to tie on for now.

The entire dress is silk dupioni. The bodice, peplum and petals are lined in cotton to keep the cost down since that stuff runs $15 and up in yardage. I’m not that rich! I’m still broke haha still recovering from the financial hole this costume put me in!
The skirt is glitter satin. And the appliqué fabric is a silk jacquard.

All the patterns are made by me. The bodice is made like a binder. My D-cup boobies are pretty much gone in it :) so proud of that fact! It is a lace back and has a foundation of coutil and spiral boning. The purple edging is all piping. The skirt is seperate. And VERY heavy. The design is appliquéd on. Satin stitched fabric. And the hearts around are hand painted on (hated myself for that but I love the result!) The pearls although small, added so much weight. They were hand sewn in. Each petal took maybe an hour and a half to sew the pearls on. The weight actually killed my hoop skirt but I fixed it :) just slipped out of the casing. the hoop skirt I also layered with crinolines and tulle to give it a nice round shape (not seen here since the hoop was broken in these photos)

The amulet is the Disney store one that I altered and extended, the tiara is altered and was my Lottie tiara :) I think that’s it!

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