Alright, time to make a serious post for once.

Here we have my first sewn costume which is Belle. Roxas, which my cousin is wearing was my first cosplay and my first wig styled. This was January of 08.

And then we have Rarity, my latest cosplay that I wore just this past weekend.

This is what cosplay is for me, learning how to better myself. Why? Because I’ve had soo many people message me in different sites telling me how much an inspiration I am to them and that makes me so happy cause all my life I’ve been no one, that ugly girl that no one cares about.

I have a ton if people ask me how I make things or how I learned how to sew. As you can see, I didn’t know squat. I mean sizing, those sleeves are ridiculously huge, the collar is just a rectangle of fabric sewn to the top, the apron is just a rectangle that’s been fray checked xD no wig, no make up.

I learned by making mistakes and learning by those mistakes. No one starts out like omgah looks professional. Hell I’m not at that level yet.

Experience is the best teacher. I began cosplaying late 07, now it’s late 2012. Patience and dedication is all you need to take your work to another level.

Another aspect of cosplay I adore, are the friends you make. I may not talk to some of y earlier friends or talk to them sparingly but the friends I have met through them are treasures as well.

Like Kitty, I met her through another friend that I rarely talk to. She’s my closest friend, my wife, and someone I doubt I can live without. It’s crazy to think without cosplay, I wouldn’t have met her,

You meet and bond with people that’s its crazy how much love and support you really have even if you think you don’t.

Course you meet the drama llamas and people who hurt you but it’s okay. Because when it’s all over, your a stronger person. You learn and get through it. :) I always try to be cheerful even when I’m down cause I know it’ll pass and that there are ALWAYS people having a rougher time.

I’m a much different person than when I started off and I’m proud of it. This hobby has changed my life.

And this is getting long and I doubt I can be serious for any longer before I start making jokes xP
love what you do guys. Don’t fret when you are feeling discouraged, just keep on gaining experience points till ya level up ;)

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